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Though the price of steel reinforcement can vary dramatically, based on the size of the project and availability of materials, costing rebar can be greatly assisted though the use of price lists. Rebar for sale in North America is priced out (lump sum, average unit price, base price plus sellerís extras, or as otherwise specified) in accordance with the contract agreement; however these numbers are usually based on current market details and, as mentioned, price lists. Rebar for sale internationally is currently fluctuating within the market due to the rising costs of raw materials. There is often no set price for rebar.

Price Lists Rebar For Sale
Price Lists Rebar For Sale

As far as a seller is concerned, one should consider whether its price is firm for the life of the job. For example, if a delivery is to be over an extended period, the seller may wish to include an automatic escalator clause, or a specified date after which the seller reserves the right to renegotiate increase for some or all specified items. Again these numbers can be determined though market research and price lists. Rebar for sale in the current market can be quite unpredictable. In early Spring, this year, prices were so volatile that buyers of steel were told that their quotes were only valid for one hour. Buy the steel at that price at that moment, or risk paying a higher price later the same day, they were told.

While this can deter some buyers, the costs of steel reinforcement is still far better than its competitors, according to the price lists. Rebar for sale in North America is still less expensive than fibre-reinforcement, and is a viable option for contractors who want to maintain the tradition of reliable concrete infrastructure.

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